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Less is Enough

We believe in consumption guided by consciousness. And the same philosophy is reflected in our way of manufacturing, focused on attention to what is not seen: the beauty of the subtle and the small details that defines our know-how.

Faced with the rush and acceleration, we enjoy the slow processes, the silence and concentration, intangible values ​​that are left to be felt in each of our garments. Created with love and respect, Marlota's pieces, pure and essential, are made to be valued, rediscovered and reinterpreted, avoiding the passing of trends, season after season.
It's timeless character is closely connected to the high-quality noble fabrics which we work with, such as mulesing-free wools, organic cottons, and cruelty-free silks which comply with the appropriate environmental certifications. To do this, we work with Italian suppliers from regions such as Biella and Como with whom we have established a relationship of trust over the years.
The study and research of artisan techniques is our way of reclaim  and preserve the traditional tailoring and sewing methods, produced with care, from start to finish in Spain.

'Less is enough' reflects our philosophy of life: the aesthetic minimalism that defines Marlota's designs is reflected in the ethical way of producing, without surplus, generating stability and value in our environment. A way of thinking and doing that translates into sustainable garments to be worn forever.