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Founded in 2004 in Madrid by Mar García, at Marlota we create versatile pieces defined by a duality where opposites blends and allows each person to affirm their identity. Far from labels, our designs move in contradiction. From idealism to pragmatism, from the emotional to the intellectual, from the feminine to the masculine.

Marlota's clothes allow us to project what is not seen. A disembodied sensation that materializes in the void between the fabric and the skin: the 'ma', as the Japanese call it, that space that enclose the body and allows movement.

Linked to the emotion that beauty produces, we believe in the transformative power of the garments we create. From our patterns we convert the fabric into silhouettes whose volumes honestly incorporate and respect the human figure.

Marlota's pieces connect symbolically and materially with nature, in a constant search for the origin of things, where less is more, even enough.